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THE BUFFALO WALLOW: One half mile from the creek, near Delbridge. (Twn. 35, sec. 36, RIE)

GRAIN TRAMPING FLOOR: In bottom field, west of the dwelling about 250 yards. (1870) (Sec. 36)

RATTLE SNAKE SPRING: With B/M Elev. 1021 ft. Located 100 Yards directly East of house on an old road. (1902) (Sec. 36)

PANTHER HOLLOW: One fourth mile directly East of house on North side of old road.

STAVE MILL: (Fincher’s) On the Foster Yount Farm, one mile West near a Spring. (1911-1915) (Sec. 2)



POUNDING MILL SPRING: On hillside near left bank of Cub Creek. One mile from the forks of Trace and Cub Creeks up stream on Cub Creek. (sec. 2)

JOE TOWNSEND GRIST AND SAWMILL: About half a mile up Townsend Hollow at South end of Allie Wilkinson’s Upper bottom field, South of her House. (sec. 12)

CUB CREEK SHUT-INS: Up to the headquarters of the T.L. Judd Fork of the Creek. (In Iron County about two miles from forks of the creek)

OLD ANTIOCH CHURCH AND SCHOOL HOUSE: On Trace Creek occupied now by the new part of the Antioch Cemetery. W. I. Martin lies buried beneath one corner of where the building once stood. Thomas League was the last teacher to work in this school. (About 1870) (sec. 2)



ROBINSON’S STAVE MILL (1909): Located at mount of Loomis Hollow on the East side of the creek, opposite the site of the present Post Office Ishmael.



COFFEE POT; RED HEAD; AND MURRY: On North slope of John’s Creek about 1.5 miles from where the creek empties into Courtois Creek, half a mile down stream from Ishmael, on East side of stream.

IRON ORE SPRING AND SCHOOL (1910): The spring emerges from a large iron ore boulder in side of hill South of Ishmael P.O. Schoolhouse is nearby. (sec. 29)

PAYNE SCHOOL: Located in forks of Indian and Courtois Creeks, just a stone’s throw from the Creek Forks. Two miles south (Upstream) from Ishmael. (Sec. 8)
CONFLUENCE OF CUB AND COURTOIS CREEKS: One half mile upstream (South) from Iron Ore Spring.

HAZEL CREEK LOCATION – Located on Hazel Creek Road – Flows West.
TOPOZARK ORCHARD: At head of Little Hazel Creek, which is the left or west prong of the two Hazel Creeks.

COAL PITS AND GRIST MILL SITES: Near the Orchard. (Sec. 27)

WEBSTER LEAD SMELTER: Operated just following the Civil War. Located one mile west of Webster (Called Palmer after 1890). (Sec. 13)

BROCK’S CREEK LOCATION, The creek flows Eastward from Spring Jinkerson Hollow near D.D. Highway to Big River West of Belgrade.
EPISODE: Mr. Brock was one of the first settlers. While building his house alone, he was set upon by a pack of wolves after dark. He killed several with his ax, until the ax blade hung in the skull of the wolf. The fracas took place in the location of the large bottom field on the left bank of Brock’s Creek where it empties into Big River. (Reference from neighbors) (About 1833 or 34).

BIG RIVER LOCATION (Heads West of Johnson’s Mountain and flows Northeasterly)
SPENCER SCOTT’S STAVE MILL SITE: In Iron County near the headwaters of Big River. P. O. Enough.
SHUT-INS AND COUNCIL BLUFF (Sec. 15): Named by the Indians who used the Shut-Ins as a meeting place for Pow-Wows. The indians regarded the SHut-Ins as a sacred place set aside for their communion with the Great Spirit. (U.S. Government workers beware)
PEORIA P.O. AND STORE (1908-1935): Store operated by A. T. Dickey, Marietta Ramsey, Joe Goforth, et. al. Located on the left bank of Big River opposite the Henry Farley Farm (one and 3/4 miles from the Iron County Line.)

BELGRADE: Founded in 1872, (see photo). The name of European origin.

HUB MILL: by Smith Golf (son-in-law of Joe Townsend) (Married Nell Townsend) (1915)
HUNTER’S MILL SITE: Located near mouth of Furnace Creek on the Left Bank of Big River. (1870)

CEDAR CREEK LOCATION, flows Northeast.
OLD FORGE: (1840) Site is downstream from Highway 21 bridge, one mile South of Caledonia.
OLD COALIN: Area once cut over for charcoal fuel, Iron Moutain Furnace (1840 to 1870)
B.C.I.: (1868 to about 1900) Moved to Fredricktown.
PULL-TIGHT Hill: First hill on Highway 32 East. Doubled teams hauling.
SWINGING FOOTBRIDGE: Located across Cedar Creek between Edwin White place and Highway 21.

FURNACE CREEK LOCATION, flows Southeast and empties into Big River a few hundred yards above Hunter’s Mill Site.

SPRINGFIELD IRON WORKS SITE: Located about two miles upstream from Big River on Furnace Creek.

FURNACE CREEK CRATER: Located almost exactly in the center of Sec. 12.
HUNTER’S MILL SITE: near the mouth of Furnace Creek.

CLEAR CREEK LOCATION, Empties into Big River about two miles upstream from Furnace Creek.
LUKE DAVIS STOCK FARM: Located in Forks of North Branch and Clear Creek. Stock water was pumped into the barn by use of a water ram. (Located in North Branch)

RED CREEK LOCATION (1798) Site of one of the first farms in Bellevue Valley to be settled was by WIlliam Reed. In 1807 Reed sold his improvements to William Sloan, who improved the farm and lived on it until he passed away in 1827. Also in 1798 he settled on the Grant where the Methodist Church, Shiloh Meeting House was later located.

LOST CREEK, ALUM CAVE, CHURCH AND SCHOOLHOUSE: All near where the highway crosses the creek. (Bismark Road)

OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST NEARBY: Iron Mountain Mine; Site of Old Plank Road; Iron Mountain to Ste. Genevieve Via Farmington (1840); Elephant Rocks; First forge, Marker on street near Arcadia (1720); Stout’s Creek Shut-Ins; Iron Mountain Lake; Iron Mountain Reservoir on Reservoir Hill. Peaks: Johnson, Logan, Pruett, Buford, Pilot Knob, Shepard Mountain, and Taum Sauk.